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And again, I think the guy who is posting about this is reporting what is new to him, but pretty much common place for anyone here.
People here have gotten so used to the military doing the policing, it is odd to see a regular cop.
For example, I had a toe to toe with a Transito here the other day for the first time in awhile. Hadn't seen one for some time since they were all pretty much fired and sent packing when the military took over policing. He was the same breed of corrupt a-hole they had before so they still haven't worked the bugs out of that part of the system. Normal cops here are hard to find, the military are what you usually see.
If I don't see the military I get the Spider Sense tingles.
Some locales still have state police but these guys have been supposedly vetted and freshly trained, but like everyone knows it is BS.
You won't solve the policing problem until you get rid of corrupt state governments.

As for little Sr. Pena Miento, he's made his deal with the cartels, so they'll stop the extortion and kidnapping and kick back mucho to the chosen ones. And that is that. Back to business as usual to the epoc before the PAN finally won the presidency.
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