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Ok Draechon, here's your update.

About three months ago, I decided I was ready for my next bike. I had put around 8k miles on the KLR, dropped it almost 20 times in the dirt/sand and felt that my riding ability had gotten a good bit better. So I started looking at options and narrowed it down to the F800GS and the KTM 690R. Both very different bikes with similar horsepower. Of course the BMW is more street oriented and the KTM is sex on wheels. However, in the end I found a gentleman that was willing to trade me the KLR for his 6 month old F800GS. Honestly riding two up with my GF played into my decision. She obviously would be immensly more comfortable on the BMW. And as much as I would love to spend 50% of my time in the dirt. The amount I'm on the street and taking road trips is still a lot more than the times I get to play in the dirt, which is where the KTM shines.

So I ended up riding the KLR halfway to Alabama to meet the PO halfway from Texas. We met at a bank in Montgomery AL, ride each others respective steeds. Agreed that we still wanted to do the deal and exchange bikes and a fistful of cash. The ride home was a AWESOME. I think I had gotten over leaving the KLR by a half mile. Took about an hour for me to really start to feel comfortable with the bike. I will say the handling felt completely different. Maybe because of the rake angle of the bike? Not really sure, but setting up turns is totally different than the KLR.

The bike came with a headlight guard, Motech Crash Bars, windscreen, Vario cases, Sargent seat, and a few other goodies I'm sure I'm forgetting. The bike is mint. Not a scratch on it anywhere. At times I think it is way too nice for me. I kind of need to put some dings in it so I stop worrying about it.

Here's a pic when I stopped off in Auburn to get some food on the way home.

Without the cases on it.

At this point, I'm perfectly content to ride it. Only thing I've done is put thicker hand grips on. I haven't thought too much about doing anything too it besides regular maintenance. If I do get the itch, I will probably put a carbon exhaust on for the looks. The only complaint is the throttle is really snatchy from stops (typical of the F800GS) and there are a few mods to improve it. If I start getting crazy with it, I'll put an aftermarket skid plate on it. But other than that I love. Very happy with my purchase! If you are thinking about an F800GS, you won't be dissapointed!
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