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Originally Posted by RAZR View Post
do you ride offroad?
I mostly ride my big GS now days. If I see a dirt road Iíll take it but I see my 1200 as a pretty stupid dirt bike and I donít run knobbies.

For me the Zumo is all about routes and it does a good job at this but I donít think itís a reliable unit. Well, it broke down once in 5 years but still it is an expensive unit and Garmin wonít repairer it any longer. Luckily I was able to fix it

I see the routes as suggestions, not something I must follow. I use auto routing all the time. I may have a target in mind I want to get too but I select the roads I want to ride. The Zumo just lets me know if I can get to my target by the road I have selected.

I find auto routing very fun to ride with, easily discover new roads and new routes to ride.
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