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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
More playing around in photoshop. Sorry to those who consider this blasphemy.

I really like this color scheme. To make it even better, I would also paint the number plates (side and above the headlight) blue to tie it all together. Blue and orange go well together, as they are on opposite sides of the Color Wheel. If you haven't already done so, do a Google image search of the color wheel, and try combining opposing colors, such as blue and orange, purple and yellow, etc.

Originally posted by crobox
Could one buy an XR650L bottom end (electric start) and swap on an XL600R top end (dual carbs, works with center-mount mono-shock)?...Wouldn't that be a good way to get an electric start XL600R, with domestically sourced parts?

Now don't get me wrong... I'm not necessarily anti-kickstart. It definitely has it's cool factor. But I did own one of these XL's in my 20's (20 years ago, 20 years younger!) and there were times that it wouldn't start, and that was REALLY frustrating. I will get this bike in good shape, and if it kick-starts easily every time, then I won't worry about this anymore. But if it ends up being frustrating, well then that is why I am engaging in this thought experiment NOW, to know my options.

While it is possible, and has been done, I think the consensus is that buying a newer e-start model is the cheaper way to go. Personally, I like the older bike's wide seat, so I might consider the conversion. Probably cheaper to have a custom seat made for the newer bike, though.

Easy starting on the XL is all about proper tuning. If the valves are adjusted correctly (easy), and the carbs are in good shape with no leaks (not so easy), the XL starts as easy as the average 250.
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