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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Coming back I came across a cyclist who'd just gone down:

Road bike dude (Caleb) lowsided (it happens on bicycles, too, only you're never wearing armor). The DOT worker who saw it estimated he'd been doing about 30mph downhill. Could have been a lot worse. Other than a really nice road rash on his left hip most of the damage was on the backside of his arms and legs. He was too bad off to be amused by a "can I take a picture of your bloody arms and legs" question, but I still snapped a couple shots.

He wasn't just in pain. He was definitely out of it, though. Didn't see any major damage on his helmet, but he was struggling to talk. Wasn't sure if he was choked up or had a head injury. There was no cell service, so I got his wife's number and drove 5 miles out to get a signal. I was thinking--damn--if this was a motorcycle accident the guy would bleed to death before a call could even be made. Gave her directions to the spot, then went back to confirm with them that I'd made contact and she was on her way.
That cyclist is this dude.

I just discovered this thread and am enjoying it. My GF participates in triathlons and I'm just a gravel/dirt enthusiast who follows a bit of racing. I'm reading on (~65 pages to go).
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