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Tank and cowel prepping

So, again progress is slow right now. Every time I turn around there is something else that demands my attention...

I did start the sanding and prepping on my cowl and tank though. I drained the gas out tonight and pulled all of the fuel connections and the sensor. I think I should replace the shut off filters in the pics or maybe I'll just add an inline fuel filter between the tank and the carb if its a pain in the ass to get the other ones.

(sorry, cell phone pics suck but you get the idea):

I did some scouting for some paint and I think I'll just end up doing a rattle can job. I can get decent quality or at least good enough for a dirt bike. There is a VW candy/frost white at the local car parts store that looks like it will work, but I'll get the sanding done and primer on there before any decisions are made.

That's it for now.
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