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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
I honestly do not mean to sound argumentative and I honestly think we are saying some of the same things just looking at them from opposite sides kind of thing.

Are you saying that in the OP original question that a 19" tire is "better" in sand?

That goes against what Woody, Jimmy Lewis, all conventional race bikes heavy or light, and most posters here are saying.

I am very much in agreement with you if you are saying that BP "should" run a 19" on his bike for his intended uses. But NOT in agreement if the arguement is that a fatter 19" is just as good or better in soft dirt applications which is all that the OP question was.

Feels like we have 2 different threads sort of.
Yeah you've been pretty confused and argumentative the whole time. Relax man, he ain't racing it and he ain't Johnny Campbell or Jimmy Lewis. Its an Adventure Touring bike based off of a Harley Sportster for Christ's sakes. Recommendations have all been for the OP with his particular application. Examples cited were done to prove that they have worked well in the past. Sometimes even someone like you could learn from the past.
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