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Originally Posted by ROK View Post
And if you are 5'9" and weigh a buck 30 soaking wet and like big cruisers, well, maybe you should look at getting a trike.

Ha ha!

Well shit, I'm only 5'7" but weigh in at 150 and ride a Road Glide. Of course I put a Corbin seat on it that moves me 1" closer to the controls and a set a Sweeper bars that are 2" further back than the stock bars but I also swapped the 12" shocks for a set of 13-1/4" Ohlins.

Lucky to have 3 bikes, the Road Glide with forward foot controls/floorboards, a DR650 with mids, and an XR1200 with just slightly rear sets.

I have no problem switching from one bike to the other and when I get back on the DR or XR I always say to myself, wow this bike is alot easier to control than the big RG but almost every time if I'm gone more than 1 hour and on pavement I'm wishing I was on the RG. Everytime I sit on the RG and back it out of the garage I say to myself, what the hell are you doing on such a big heavy bike....but as soon as it is rolling, me all stretched out, I say if I could have only one bike it would be the RG hands down no questions asked.
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