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Originally Posted by matteo View Post
I got my Enduralast alternator today. Very nice unit. Installing it mechanically was very straightforward. The electrical not so easy. I think that Euromotoelectric would do well to make this simpler. I understand that the different models have different needs, but all situations use the yellow to yellow connection and that still required some work to make the connection.

So first of all, I want to thank bcostell and sharkey for their photos. It helped a lot. But I'm still confused about the white and black connector. Where is the best place to hook them up? The instructions say to connect it to a green/blue wire, but bcostell, I think you say to hook it up to the blue wire. Is this the blue wire to this connector.

This connector is not currently attached to anything. It makes me think that I did something wrong.

Finally, I disconnected a blade from the starter when I was removing the old harness. I think this is engages the starter motor. Is this the same black wire as is on the hanging connector?

I'm pretty sure it was connected to the right side of the diode board, as seen in this picture.

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't keep a note on where the starter wire came from.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

I just wanted to bump this great picture up. I'm currently installing this unit on my bike. I will admit right off the bat that I'm more of a mechanical person than an electrical wizz. The whole procedure has gone well, certainly not a 1 hour install,,,,,,for me anyways. It's the switched power source, and relay wires that had/has me flumuxed, to the black and white wires off of the reg/rectifier. The above pic helps with [I think] the starter relay power, but where the heck do you find switched power, and charge light wire without disassembling the stock harness?
John Rayski has been very quick to my initial questions about regulator location. But this unit is hardly plug & play, I'm very reluctant to start cutting away at the stock harness, but I'm assuming now that this is the case. The illustrations in the kit, and the components' style of plug ins/attachments, are all very different than what the kit has.
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