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Originally Posted by H96669 View Post
Got my own little rant with Wells Fargo and their rather large service fees to get money out of their bank machines in AK last summer. Good luck... And very nice bike BTW, had some time and checked the thread in the flea market. Maya ROCKS !!!

Dammit....hard to find a well set 650 up here to go catch some sun in February/march/april. I'd seriously consider one of yours but too far and no time for the import business.

Need a quick spec from you. How low can you make one of them DRs to see if I could fit that inside the tintop? Alutop in my case. Could I go down to 40" or so?Removing parts wouldn't be a problem....even a temporary wooden front wheel to gain clearance, had to do that once on a much bigger bike but that was just so we could move it, the steeltop back then was big enough.

How about a good book or 2 to go with the grog? No need for a reply.....

Eh....wanna see the innards of that yellow Ducati?
Heya Pierre

We can store it for your easy enough ....anything can happen.

The DR from bottom of the bashplate to top of handlebars is 39 inches including the 30 mm risers so if you rotated the bars a bit you could easy gain more space.

We took off the back wheel, front wheel and forks and fitted the both into the back of a ute to bring them out of Mexico, easy as.

That report will be out tomorrow and you will see what happened.
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