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Originally Posted by UtahFox View Post
Loved reading this report, what I would have given to be there. Seriously, I'd love to have my bike over there - trying to figure that out for a possible trip starting next Spring/Summer. Wanted to ask what kind of helmet is that?
Thanks for reading, completely missed your input there. Haven't been here much until recently. Been bikeless for a year.

The helmet I am wearing in that picture is a Shoei Hornet DS, matt black. Not 100% happy with it because it puts pressure on the ears which makes any earplugs intensely uncomfortable after a short while.

Might be my enormous head that is to blame though, or that I simply got a size too small.
Using it now again for the new bike, but music is out of the question... Feels like the in ear plugs are humping my skull after a while..
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