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danedg-I haven't ridden the bike yet because of needing rebuilt carbs synchronized first. I did change the oil and looked for grey sludge and metal bits but didn't find any. It was very clean in there but that doesn't indicate clean slingers either. Spoke to Vech he suggested a magnet in the pan while rebuilding the engine. Also, when riding my bike where I live it's just a two lane freeway for 40 miles then it gets three lanes all the way south to Seattle. They, (other drivers) can just go around me if they don't like my speed.

isdt BMW- I was very lucky to find this at the price too. I traded a 1965 Hillman Imp race car that I've lost steam on plus very little cash. Yes, the old bikes do get in your blood as most vintage/classic English cars that gave me an isum over 30yrs ago now it's vintage bikes.

airheadPete- Wow, that was close! I'm hoping to be safe as well by tearing mine down. I will revisit this to report after it's done in the spring.
I was a british car guy as a kid, sold my 57 TR3 to buy my wife a wedding ring, found that very same car 41 years later, bought it and still have the wife too. That bike will go all day at 55-60mph, do the slingers and ride it anywhere, touring on an antique bike is more fun on secondary roads. you see more at 55mph, less stress too.
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