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Okay. As I mentioned a few posts up I scored a 35F0x can and after a brief “Hinkle or 2-Bros” debate, I soon ordered the 2-brothers mid-pipe from Jesse.

The can was covered with dust and had a few grease spots from being handled but it cleaned up nicely.

The mid-pipe and KienTech attachment kit arrived and all of the stuff lay around in my garage for a week before I managed to carve out a couple of hours to do the install. The install kit includes a bracket for the rear attachment, a muffler/flange gasket, and the necessary nuts, bolts, and washers.

It is not a complicated project. The first order of business is to remove the right side-cover. And unlike most other DR650 chores it is not necessary to remove the seat to do this project.

Removing the side cover exposes a small steel cover that protects the sleeve joint where the mid pipe inserts into the header. I think it may also act as a heat deflector in case of minute gas leakage.

Two hex type screws attach the small metal cover. The screws were installed from the factory with red Loctite. Be prepared to use a good quality, tight fitting hex wrench as to not strip the heads.

Once that cover is removed the two bolts – one securing the mid-pipe and another securing the muffler clamp are readily accessible. After removing the mid-pipe bolt and loosening the muffler clamp, removing the stock pipe was a matter of unbolting it at the several places and then wriggling it out.

Installation of the mid-pipe and can is then 3 parts science and 1 part art. The artsy component is to get it all assembled in place and then tighten everything after the parts are positioned properly.

Insert the mid-pipe and thread the retainer bolt but do not tighten.

The machined brace that Jesse supplies with his kit is a trick piece of work and will mate up to the frame only one way. He includes photo instructions for the bolt locations.

The supplied gasket fits inside the recess of the can.

After a bit of experimentation I discovered one should first insert the mid-pipe, and then mount the brace at the rear attachment points, the can at the flange, and finally connect the can to the brace. Again, keep everything loose to allow some adjustment and wriggle room as it comes together.

Making sure the gasket is seated inside the muffler recess so it does not get pinched, tighten the nuts at the flange, then tighten the mid-pipe retainer bolt and clamp, and finally the rear brace bolts. Reinstall the side cover and you’re done.

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