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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
good point ... pic's or it didn't happen

SS all BS aside, I don't mind anyone drilling into what ever I post. this is why IMHO, detailed technical data on forums are among the most accurate available anywhere because it's Vetted!. anything that survives yours and others ruthless nit-picking ... odds are will be correct.

there's detailed technical postings all over the WWW. But trouble is it's very hard to tell crap from truth. which gets back to why I've got such a high opinion on technical information posted on forums. it's vetted!!!! especially on high traffic forums like ADV with 287k members. anytime someone posts technical data. if there's any hint of a mistake. Someone will ruthlessly point it out!!! odds are usually there's several folks waiting to pounced on ANY mistakes no matter how small.

this is why I'll go out of my way to post LOTS of clear pictures. to where there is NO doubt validity of what I've posted. not saying I've never made mistakes ... but very seldom will anything I post be fundamentally wrong.

why do you think folks are constantly posting... Pic's or it didn't happen!!!

(SS if need be I'll chase down as easy to use, digital camera to send you for free and/or help you get up to speed on posting pic's.)
I couldn't disagree more. On so many levels. Googled BS gets a life of its own. A lot of it becomes google gospel and the BS'ers' congregate. It just keeps going and going. There's no stopping the group mentality. They need each other to both give it and take it so the loop is complete. My advise is to keep your waders pulled up high. There is some good stuff among all the crap.
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