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Originally Posted by opmike View Post
Yes, you're focusing on the wrong thing. He isn't complaining about one country building a bike originally made in another country. He's complaining about dead and buried marquees being resurrected and then bandied about with talks of "heritage" and "tradition."

Kind of like how the Springfield Armory of today is not the company that was outfitting our fathers, grandfathers, etc. during WWII. The company went under, and then someone came along, bought up the name, and slapped it on their stuff.

And to me, that's all the more reason to cut the bullshit. Indian will never be Harley-Davidson, so I think Polaris should take the brand in a different direction considering they already have Victory. Do a mix of classic styling, but implement some modern updates and appeal to a broader market.
Right on. This hit close to home actually. A buddy just told me he wanted to buy an XD-M until I told him they're made in fricking Croatia....he was like "what?!? Springfield is American made man, they make our military guns and everything!" The he looked it up and realized the truth and feels completely deceived.

Just like anyone who would buy a POS kit choper with Indian on the tank should.
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