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I will be leaving from near Santa Barbara, California and meet the players in Yuma. I was off all of Thanksgiving weekend so I had packed, and repacked about 8 times before my departure. Goal was to travel light even though we intend to camp most nights. Got everything into my Wolfman soft bags except my tent and a small dry bag with a jacket and motorcycle cover.

Woke up early with anticipation. Decided to take the direct route going through Los Angeles instead of the desert, my usual route to miss the city.

I have never trucked a bike anywhere, always rode, but I wanted to be fresh the first day into Mexico and I was on a deadline to get home, possibly driving at night - so the truck made sense.

IMGP1681 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

As I start travelling in the truck I notice something strange. Harley riders are waving at me. Sometimes they do while I am riding, but a lot of times not. We’re having a grand old time waving back and forth, fingering each other, making faces, etc. And then I start noticing them withdrawing their waves. I guess from the front all they can see are some handlebars and partial motorcycle outline. As they get closer they notice it is not a Harley. They seem embarrassed for waving at a non-HD rider, but I don’t care, I keep waving and fingering them.

Traffic is sluggish through LA, but I make it in good time to Mike’s house.

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We unload the bike, chat for awhile and each have a huge steak and some grilled veggies that Kate cooks up for us. Mike breaks out some of his fine home made wine. I don't think its called home made wine though. Probably something more like Private Estate Wine DeJour. It was good. Thanks Mike and Kate!

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