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I must have shagged Garmins daughter or something. The 60CSX is supposed to have some of the most reliable circuitry in the GPS range for durability. So far, my count of 60 CSX's that have shit the bed and have to be sent back to Garmin for warranty repair is 4. 3 internal circuit board seperations and solder cracks. One of them died of water intrusion when I crashed in a river crossing. It sucks when you're in the middle of nowwhere and the supposed most reliable GPS throws in the towel.

Here in the Cardomom mountains of Cambodia after completely disassembling the 60 to dry out we begin the assembly process.

So whilst the 276 has a much better screen than the 60 ( I was told they share similiar internal circuitry)in terms of visibility not sure NMBMN I would get all that gushy over the reliability at least from my experience. Then again there's not that many choices for us offroaders.

I have also sheared off six Ram mounts so maybe I should just learn to ride better? A benefit of the Ram overTouratech mounts is they can easily be moved out of the way to get through tight branches and vines, where the Touratech just sits like a huge roadblock on your bars.
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