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Originally Posted by mcma111 View Post
Cut to the chase. Just buy a XR650l. No fuss, no muss.
I too have inquired around about an electric start XL600r, have considered an XL600m motor and even a whole XL600m, but the price and red tape to get one into the USA was beyond what I felt it was worth.
I still feel an electric start XL600 would make a great bike.
I'm a large Honda dual sport fan. I have more of them then I care to admit. Sudstituting an XR650L for a XL600r is not a viable alternative for most. The geometery, of the two bikes are quite diffrent and most importantly the seat height of 37 inches for the XR650l makes it uncomfortable to ride for those under 6 foot tall.
A reasonable compromise is an NX650, gret power, excelent transmission, seat height about the same as the XL600r and best of all ELECTRIC START. The problem is they have become hard to find and in some cases expensive. Fairing and plastic parts are difficult to find. The motor is the same basic motor as the XR650L uses today.
I would welcome a staright foward response for someone addressing how to make an electric start XL600r, I have one right now that is ready to go back together (it a frame and a motor presently).
I would like to know about a XL600m motor swap; some combination of xl600r and xl600m motor modification for a swap;
xl650L motor w swap; what will work?
There has to be an answer, I'm sure someone out there knows the answer. post it up there are folks interested.
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