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I'm not suggesting that Kymco is a God given ultimate choice, I'm just
warning people that Piaggio isn't as good as you folks seem to think it

This attitude towards Piaggio that I see here is more or less happening
only on US forums, but even the AF1 forum is littered with issues across
Piaggio owned brands to extent that I haven't seen anywhere else.

I've ridden the BV350 and was shocked at how well it pulled and how
smooth it was, but I didn't fit well on it, even at only 5'11".

Also bear in mind that we get these scoots here a year, sometimes
two before you do and by the time you start discovering them and
asking around, looking at first pictures, chances are I've already seen
a few of them in the shops with first issues being addressed.

That's something that doesn't happen as often with other brands,
not just Kymco and Sym, but Yamaha and other brands too.
(Do you get the X-City or X-max there?)

Other then the bikes in shops, a lot of local (EU) forums, my half-sister
owned 3 Piaggio bikes in last 5 or so years. Two were actually Gileras
(Runner 50 and ST125), and the one she still has is the BV500 Cruiser
(492cc updated, twinspark engine).

That thing sounds like a can of nails going down the road.
It drinks oil, the forks are leaking, the rear shock is leaking, it goes through
belts and roller weights more then twice as fast as some other similar bikes

We're talking a 20.000 mile bike here, that even when new never
had confidence inspiring handling. And it's a newer version then the BV500
you get there (the old, 'tourer' with 460cc engine that has it's own set
of issues).

Comparing the BV350 to Downtown isn't the best comparison.. Kymco
has the People GTi 300 in it's range that's a direct competitor.

I don't know about the current US pricing, but the GTi300 here costs LESS
then the BV300 (22hp), and does 98% of stuff as good as the BV350.

It's just a tiny bit slower, but is roomier, more comfortable etc.

I just hope Piaggio quality control is doing it's job better now then before
because the new 300 and 350 SEEM TO BE better built bikes then the older
models, but it's still too early to tell.

It's even apparent on the used market here what holds it's value better.
For the price of a used BV500 you can hardly get a Yamaha X-max 250.

One thing that I'd love to have on my scoot that the BV350 has.. is the
clutch. That thing is amazing.

BTW - Are you aware that scooter sales charts in Italy, where you'd expect
Piaggio group to lead.. is filled with Yamahas and other scoots at the top?

The Downtown 300 was in the top 10 last time I looked too.

I'm not here to talk about my scooter though, I'm just here to warn
people not to judge a scooter by the quality of promotional videos,
and think that it has to be good just because it came from Italy, where
it all started.

I won't interfere with this thread any more, sorry if I offended anyone.
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