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Originally Posted by Rusty Rocket View Post
Yes! I miss them too. I worked at a Suzuki-Kawasaki-Maico-Hodaka-DKW-Puch-CanAm- Steen Allsport Dealer.

With SkiDoo, MotoSki, ArcticCat for the bad season.

And that was before computer inventories. You looked up the part in the book, looked up the bin location in another list, then looked up the price in another book. Wrote out the sales slip, totaled the price, figured the tax. After the sale you went to a card file and logged off the part from inventory. If you hit the minimum quantity, you turned the card bottom side up and the cards had a corner cut off at the top, so parts that needed re-order had a little corner sticking out. Then at the end of the week, you went back to the card file and ordered, by hand, all the parts you needed. Then you called the manufacturer and dictated your order. When the parts came in, you logged them on the card and flipped it back over and the process repeats.

But hey, I was working at a motorcycle dealer and getting a discount on my race parts and accessories.
I love this story! No wonder it took so long to get a part...lots of time spent standing at the parts counter!

Keep sharing those memories! More stories!
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