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I've only been doing this since 1983 or so, but it was a bit intimidating to me as well. Just go with the flow, don't fight it and everything will work out. I have a lot of OOP experience as well as Java experience so in that regard Android was easy. I just took on an iOS programming job though and I've never done Objective C programming and it was still a pretty easy transition. In Android I don't use any of the graphical layout tools for setting up screens. I just do all the GUIs in code. For the iPhone I do the exact opposite and I actually think it's easier. Android tools may not be as good as the ones from Apple, or I may just think I am too smart to use the tools in Android. I'm not sure...

My suggestion is to get Eclipse installed. Successfully compile a hello world app. Then create some trivial problem to solve and do it. Pretty soon you will come up with more and more complex problems to solve and you will have the tools to do it. Then, one day you will say "I need a better GPS cause my Garmin sucks" and then you will have a new full time job that pays $500/month like I do. Doh!

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What path do you recommend for someone to get proficient at Android App programming? You seem to have come a very long way in a short time.

I'm an old (67) programmer with over thirty five years of mainframe, PC & embedded coding experience and am now wanting to play some in the phone app world. But just seeing that a "Hello World!" Android demo app project took 33 files and 43 directories makes the process look incredibly intimidating!! How did you go about it?


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