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Originally Posted by emerson.biguns View Post

I've done it once already and the JD jet kit didn't solve my problem. Not sure I want to do it again, especially when I'm not sure what the problem is.

After a throttle blip it returns to a high idle and then sometimes settles back to normal, sometimes doesn't.

Sounds like a sticking slide. Since you already put in a new needle, you know how to take off the slide plate on the top, which doesn't require removing the carb. Take that off, spray in that area with cleaner. Hope you didn't bend the needle on install, that could cause it as well.

Like I said, happy to help, I know that carb really well, both the 39 and the 37 that comes on that bike.

PS: we are coming back from Quantico as Kathy just graduated from The Basic School. As part of the festivities we got to shoot a SAW (M 249), an M 16 and a M 243 gernade launcher. I will never live down the fact my wife hit the tank at 200 yards with the 243 while I missed. They gave her the M 16 with the launcher and she set the butt on top of her shoulder. That is how much she knows about guns.
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