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I want to light all my money on fire; How to get into club racing?

Hey guys.

I've been doing track days for a few years now, and loving the shit out of it. I've done about 30, and am running what's probably a mid-slow "I" pace, on a modified SV650. I want to keep doing track days and I figure once I'm running a solid "A" level pace, then I could look into some amateur racing?

How would I get into basic entry-level track racing? Are there amateur leagues that aren't crazy-hyper competitive and financial arms races, where someone can get used to riding in a pack and honing skills before moving to something more aggressive? I'm 28 and have only been riding since I was 24, I didn't grow up riding dirt bikes or anything. I'm quite sure that I don't have the skills to ever seriously compete at the semi-professional level, but I'd like to just go out and have competitive fun.

I'm in the Chicago area, if that makes a difference.
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