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Originally Posted by emerson.biguns View Post
Sounds like a hoot.

Pretty sure I didn't bend the needle. It dropped right in, no problems.

I didn't think it could be a sticking slide. It still does it even if I forcibly roll off the throttle using the push/pull cables to close the slide. Is that a valid thought?


The tension on the cables is real touchy as well. Also, make sure the cables are routed well and not geting hung up, I have done that a few times as well. Did you change out the slow jet when you put in the JD kit? It could be dirty as well. As you know, it could be an number of things. Happy to stop by this weekend and see if I can be of help. I think the Pages and I are riding Redington on Saturday. PS: the CRF 250X suspension is the best one for me I have ever ridden.

Just had another thought, are you sure you put the spring in the needle cap back on right? There are 2 different ends to the spring, one end has a little washer that slides over the end of the needle and is stopped by the needle clip. If the needle is able to slide up and down at all, that would cause a unreliable throttle position even when the throttle seemingly is all the way closed.
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