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I have a 2012 G650GS and have put about 2500 miles on it so far. Usually my gas light was coming on around 155 miles give or take. Recently one morning when the bike was ideling the gas light came on and then went off and ever since it has not come back on. Now I have stretched the miles to about 187 - 190 before refueling. Still no gas light and my tank took exactly 3.8 gallons of gas when filled and on top of that I had recently added a MRA wind screen to replace the stock winshield.

My manual states usable fuel qty approx 3.7, reserve fuel qty 1.1 So do I have a 3.7 total gallons of gas or 4.8 ??
Im trying to figure out if Im getting possibly more MPG from the MRA windshield or if Im haveing a gas light failure. I should be recieving a MSR gas bottle today in the mail for some spare gas to carry with me to find out the hard way if my gas light will come on..
Any input is appreciated.
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