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Originally Posted by reenmachine View Post
Sounds to me like a failure of the warning light system. I've got about 13,500 miles on mine and never have I made it to 190 miles without the light coming on. Mine consistently comes on between 150 & 160.

3.7 is your total fuel capacity, and the light comes on when you've got about 1.1 of that remaining.

I average 60mpg. 3.7-1.1=2.6 gallons, multiply that by 60 mpg and you get 156 miles, which is where the light always comes on.

You should take it to the dealer and have it repaired under warranty.


Back to dealer she will go. I mentioned the warning light failure last time to the service tech when the bike was in for the warm start issue but it had a full tank of gas at the time. They said they couldnt replicate the problem. I will be sure to turn the bike in with about 180 miles on her.
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