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Originally Posted by waterboybueche View Post
I am interested in an older 80's style standard bike...

I want to throw some dual sport/knobbies, dirt handlebars, strip it of extra things I dont like and ride the crap out of it...I dont see any larger displacement (1000-1100 cc's) I have searched and searched, seems like most of the types/styles of bikes I like are 650cc and under....

My reasoning??? I am 6'2: and 275 lbs... I am kinda a big guy and always feel like an idiot riding small bikes.....

I hated the KLR at speed... I think I should had tried changing the rear shock before I sold it to hold my weight better... the bike seemed to float around with the front tire ready to wash out at anytime,,,,

I want a bike to take down dirt roads and take me home after... plus I like the look of an old standard bike made custom to the owners wants and needs....
I am just a little taller than you and find most of the Jap bikes are made for shorter folks - except for purpose-build dual-sports. Take a look at, plug in your dimensions, and take a look at how you would fit on a variety of bikes.

Trying to find an '80s standard bike (dual rear shock, round headlight, no "cruiserish" elements like stepped seat or leading front axle with overly-long forks) that can be made into a scrambler and fit you comfortably might be hard unless you are able to/can afford to have one modified. For a tall person, you may want to take a look at the Suzuki VX800 (there is a discussion thread in the Some Assembly Required sub-forum), or maybe the KZ650/750/1000 standards (i.e., not LTD or CSR), the latter-generation Triumph Bonnevilles, the CB650/750 (maybe with different bodywork?), the Suzuki GS850G/1100G (not the L), or the Yamaha 650/750 Seca/Maxim (the 650 Seca would be best but is the most rare).
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