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Originally Posted by StevenD View Post
thats not an antanna! thats the starter interlock box, it connects to stuff like the clutch and sidestand switch and desides if it's safe to start etc. I have 1 or 2 working units left over if you can cancell the ordered part still. will go for peanuts if your interrested!
Make sure that you have the right contact lock and the key antenna ring that fits around the lock though! you need that to communicate with your digital key's.
And i agree 100% but i didn´t knew that it was a part of this machine. But sound liable and thanks for the offer but patience weren´t my strong side when i found the (maybe) holy grail.
It should be the right ignition lock and keys, all the parts were bought together from new(ouch $).

I do not remember when i said that the bike had flashed me with the MAP sensor fault. But it has and i got my head out of my ass and found out that this engine don´t run 2 MAP sensor. I´ve always thought that a twin had 2 MAP sensors. But hey, I had a closer look in the parts manual and it showed that they only were sold 3 at a time...hmmm. I had one lying around, it fitted one of the empty plugs.

I went for the tune ECU to tell me if the ECU had the same thoughts.

After resetting error codes.

Ahhhh. I´m a mastermind. Or like the old danish saying: Fuck yeah.

Away with SAI and O2 since its scrapped anyway.

Well if i´m lucky and Murphy let me go(which he don´t). I should have a good chance of a running engine when the starter interlock arrives. Though an engine needs made op this test configuration.

And yes i still have second thoughts about running the facet at that place and even thinking about going for the 990 EFI fuel pump. Those damn smart safaritanks tugs it away in the tank. But i´m not aware how faulty that is and that is the 990 efi fuel pump. I assume its mitshubishi again. I can always run the Facet as an replacement.

Next stop was my exhaust from the rear cylinder. The unbreakable sidestand relocater is in the way for routing my exhaust through the swingarm hole and out to the right side.

What would you guys think regarding strength, if i cut away the right part. It seems sturdy. I could reinforce the left one for the extra capacity. Give me your thoughts.

For the Danes:
Jimmi og Paw. Hvis det her pis dur, så bliver det sindsygt. I kigger jo bare forbi hvis i vil. Der er kolde bajer i værkstedet...eller alt er fanme koldt derude.

One last thing. The bike is jacked up but no more than only keeping balance. Rear tire is beyond done. Still...

Thanks. :fr eaky

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