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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
We were delayed at the border into Guatemala this past February when one of our viajeros couldn't produce the receipt for his tourist card.

No receipt for your tourist card, no Mexico exit stamp in your passport book.

No Mexico exit stamp in your passport book, no entrada into Guatemala.

He went back to the parking lot, swearing up a storm, looking for his tourist card receipt.

Meanwhile, a bus load of people looking to cross into Guatemala arrives, unloads, and lines up in front of the lone official with the precious stamp.

Our man eventually finds the receipt, and tries to go to the head of the line. No dice, the official is not having this. Head hung in despair, he gets in place the back of the now long line.

Yup - happened to me about a month ago crossing into Guatemala. Had vowed to stop keeping every fricki piece of paper given to me on this trip. So, tossed the receipt once I had the visitors card stamped. Cant get it stamped without the receipt. Of course arguing this line of reasoning with the Migración guy was like talking to a wall.

This is a great scam either the Meskin Gumit has going or the border guys. Had to go back to the Banjercito and pay the entrance fee again. It was only $20 but it just pissed me off.
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