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At the AltRider event the one-day class is a riding skills class and the two-day class is solely navigation. You can do either on any kind of bike as long as they are street legal.

Here is an information sheet on the Nav Class:

Adventure Bike Rally Navigation Training Info

Overview: This class gives riders an insight on the skills it takes to follow the route in a mapbook navigation rally. We teach the basics of reading the mapbook, understanding all of the information and putting the pieces together to figure out where to go by triangulating the information from the odometer, GPS and mapbook. In this class the routes will be tailored for a twin-cylinder adventure touring bike.

What you need: Riders will need to be confident in riding their bike on gravel and mildly sandy two-track roads. Bikes must have a resetable to zero odometer and a place on the handlebar to mount a Jart Chart sized (aprox 3” X 4”) roll chart holder. Bikes need to be street legal, have at least 100-miles fuel range and must have knobby type tires for safety. You’ll also need a GPS that can accept Garmin or GPX files and reads the heading (CAP, Course, or Bearing) in easy to view numerical values. We use and prefer the Garmin 60 CSx for this training. (e-Trex, 5 and III+ also work)
Riders need to be fit for a full day of off-road riding and be able to carry all food and water needed for the day.

What is provided: JLR will provide all instruction (classroom and on-the-trail) for this course (it is a less intense version of our 4-Day Rally Navigation Class that riders preparing to race rallies take) and mapbooks in the rollchart size. We will let you borrow the rollchart holder if you do not have one. We will provide a rally-style bag lunch both days as well have a group dinner on Sunday night. We will provide lodging at the overnight stay (it is a rally so it is a surprise, it could be anything from a rustic cabin to a roadside motel/hotel) and we’ll transport anything you’ll need to that overnight stop. The small things like highlighter pens, papers, tape, glue, for the mapbooks will be provided.

Other Info: If you need to leave a vehicle at the event we have plenty of secure parking at our location in Pahrump. We will get an early start on Sunday (instruction will start at 10 AM) and you’ll likely ride into the early evening. Monday will be a full day as well. It is a good idea to have a SPOT locator (or similar and we will have some instructions on how we can use this ) in case of an emergency or getting seriously lost, but we will provide riders with plenty of “bail out options”. Cell phones work about half the time.

For more information contact:
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