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I bought my 250 and 600 two days apart and I'm finally getting to play with 600....

I knew it rode like shit and seemed to sit low...

---> Every compression and rebound adjustment on it was maxed out or almost maxed out on the hard side??
And the sag was ...3/4" rear spring was super squished. It's at 3" now. Got to be supper time.

I'm guessing a fatty just had it as a road bike-- 50/50 tires, no bark busters, no skid plate, low, stiff suspension.

It rides x10 better now it's my fault for not noticing, I knew my 250 suspension was super built and just figured the 600 just sucked stock also noticed the forks and rear shock have a shock company stickers on them.....

1) does anybody know if the stock 96 rear spring was dark blue/ purple?
2) when just standing next to the bike and you shove down on the front end, how long does it take for yours to go all the way down and rebound? My 250 is about --one mississippi-- the 600 is about --one mis-- maybe the front springs are stiffer than stock??

Going to call the company on the sticker and see if they keep any records. I have the last two owners names.

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