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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
fine back it up... back up what you claim
when I stated my believe above, reasons was stated why.
I've personally done 500+ carbs ... don't need google to tell me what works...

in this thread .. manometers was in question so I posted up all types of manometer from my HVAC tools to leave zero doubt that I understand how manometers work. but evidently claims backed up with evidence means little to nothing to you. you keep right on ignoring documented statements while providing none of your own.

why don't you back it up... you post all sorts of statements with no pic's, links, etc to back it up.
I've even offered to send a camera for free and help with learning process.

pic's or it didn't happen...
To leave zero doubt that you understand manometers? None of the tools you showed are manometers. A manometer has at least two tubes. Even the Uni-syn doesn't compare pressures in real time like most would define a manometer. I try to back up my claims by making sense. Something a LOT of documentors and linkers need to focus on a lot more IMO. Maybe an explanation of how measuring one pressure at a time is still considered a manometer versus comparing pressures in real time like every manometer I have ever seen referred to as a manometer? Is that the difference between a barometer and a manometer? Links? Documentation? That's google talk. There's no need for it when you make sense. Tons of googlers use photos, links and documents to NOT make sense so I would think that would reduce your need for them? It sure does reduce my need to see any. I could care less.
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