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We have a good breakfast and then meet up with the rest of the guys. Baja Team 6 is complete.

We head for the border crossing at Algodones (means cotton in spanish).

IMGP1685 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Some have tourist papers for Baja Sur, some don’t, but we opt out on getting papers. Someone says they never check for the papers anyways (wonder how this will work out?). Fill up on gas and head off to San Felipe, our destination for the day.

IMGP1686 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1688 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1689 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

The cotton fields outside of Algodones. I wonder what came first, the cotton or the town?

IMGP1690 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Encountered a little ground fog, slowed way down. Traffic can be unpredictable.

IMGP1692 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Mandatory stop for coffee. Real coffee. Seems to be a lot of instant coffee in Mexico. Maybe more so on the mainland, we had pretty good luck with coffee.

IMGP1695 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Long empty roads on the way to San Felipe.

IMGP1698 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1700 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Stopped for a bathroom break along the road. Well ventilated. Seems like there is always a Tecate store at each stop Burt picks. Think there is a pattern develping.

IMGP1701 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1702 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

First stop in San Felipe, what do ya know, a Tecate store!

IMGP1705 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

The Boom Boom room seems to be closed. Business is down in San Felipe.

IMGP1707 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Arrive at Rueben’s Palapa campground. Mike stays next door at Kiki’s. Mike is a hotel guy, we are cheap guys! The record crowd at Rueben’s was 600 people. We are the only 6 tonight. I would like to thank the US news organizations for clearing out all the gringo tourist trash from Mexico. Not so good for Mexico, but makes for no reservations and empty roads.

IMGP1709 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Had a good dinner at La Vaquita’s and the boys picked up their adult beverages to take back to our beach front camping. Notice the Seafood Volcano! It was hot hot hot.

IMGP1714 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1710 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1711 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1712 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

I opted for the local coconut shrimp, good stuff. Tim got a hamburger. I don’t think he has had much ‘authentic’ Mexican food, more the Americanized version. No Taco Bells here! And surprise, Mexican hamburgers are not like American hamburgers, you have been warned. No ketchup, mustard, pickle or secret sauce here!

IMGP1713 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

After some friendly banter (Brad assured me that this WAS friendly banter) between Burt and Lee, we head off to sleep. Burts plan was to sleep on the beach. There was a lengthy discussion on how Burt would negotiate the rather hazardous step down to the beach consisting of a half buried picnic table. I happened to catch Burt out of the corner of my eye make his assault on the beach. He made a rather graceful belly flop/faceplant with a shoulder roll to the beach. I was impressed (maybe an 8 out of 10). You have to keep in mind that Burt is retired Air Force, not Marine’s so he probably did not have a lot of beach training. Oh, and congratulations to Burt for his 80th birthday this year.
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