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You have a traction budget. If you are at 100% of available corner traction then you are screwed. If you are at 75% you can add 20% braking, as the bike slows you stand up, and your corner traction percent goes to 0 as the braking traction percent goes to near 100% and you successfully stop. Then can happen in much less feet than you might think.
Except with modern tyres your budget is not a circle, as it used to be decades ago. Nowadays you may still have 20% left for breaking even if you have already used close to 100% for cornering.

An other issue with this whole thread is that "standing up your bike" will happen regardless of riders action. Most bikes have a geometry which will stand up. Very few bikes are capable of braking without standing up. Only is slippery conditions you have to stand the bike up before braking.

In the end all depeneds on the conditions, bike and rider skills. It may be smart to teach new riders not to brake in a curve but it is not the whole truth.
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