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You can race an SV for a season on two sets of tires. You can use pump gas. Racing doesn't get expensive until you start going fast. That will take about 3 seasons and probably more. Buy a well equipped SV race bike of the round tube vintage, and you'll be good for a long time.

Forget the big bikes. Even a slug expert goes through 2 sets of tires in a weekend. That's almost $900 in tires alone if you race Dunlop Euro spec.

Per Weekend Estimate
Figure 8 rounds with 4 races each - $260 in entry fees
Gas - 10 gallons + $50
Consumables over a season - $125/weekend
2 sets of tires over 8 rounds - $75/weekend
Lodging - $85
Water - $10
Junk food - $20
Beer - $12
Annual motor rebuild $2000/8 race weekends = $250/weekend

$887 per race weekend for an SV in your amateur seasons. Not bad. But once you get fast your tire bill changes everything because the cost per weekend goes parabolic.
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