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Valve clearance check

After buttoning up the left side cover after installing the Torsion spring and deep hole spacer, I pulled the valve cover and measured and recorded the valve clearances.

They were fine, and at the loose end of specs so it should be a long time before they need adjusted.

While I had the cover off, I checked and made sure the cam cap bolts were tight.

That is something I am paranoid about ever since a Drz 400 I had loosened up and destroyed the cam and head shortly after I bought it.I suspect someone before me had worked on the bike and forgot to tighten them properly.

I also just read a ride report the other day of a KLR that put the decompression mechanism on the end of the exhaust cam up through the valve cover, and the caps and cam of course destroyed.From looking at the pictures it looks to me like
the cam caps loosened up and with the cam chain pulling down in the front it destroyed the cam journals and cracked one of the caps and allowed the back of the cam to rise until the decompression mechanism hit the cover.

Once again,I suspect someone adjusted the valves and did not torque the bolts.Theres no way for me to know for sure

But it seems likely.

So just make sure your cam cap bolts are torqued, especially if you don't know who was in your engine !!
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