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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
which crankset is on there now again? model. I've got a buddy that works for a shop and can probably look up the crank/bb on J&B's website and tell you definitively.

the new crank is an Origin-8 Trekking crankset, this one

and I can find /nothing/ technical on their webpile, nor was their anything in the box.

the crank I removed was a Shimano FC-M191,

which that says had a 47.5mm chain line (I didn't measure it before removing, DUH!), and uses a 122.5mm BB (wow, thats wide).

I measure my current chainline at 54mm, so...

54 - 47.5 == 6.5mm
122.5 - (6.5*2) == 109.5mm

so I figure I need a 110mm BB.

but yeah, if your friend can verify this, awesome. I have the bike ridable as-is with the funky chain line, just that the front derailleur is cranked out as far as it goes.
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