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Copan attempt 1

Had dinner and drinks with Jose from the BMW shop. We had planned to meet at Frontabella Mall. I hear mall and think no problem because my friend wants to get Guatemalan coffee before she heads back to AK. We look at the mall and they only have one place that has it and it is generic mass produced stuff.
Jose shows up and says why didn't you mention something the grocery store is the place to get that.
Us - Oh well can we go early in the am?
Jose - Nope wont be open.
Us - Ahh the heck with it no big deal.
Jose - Why don't I just hope on the bike and go get it? It will take me about 20 min.
Us - No, not necessary. Its ok.
Jose - You are not leaving without Guatemalan coffee. see you in 20-30 min.

And he is off. We thanked his profusely before he left and when he got back. He response was its just what Guatemalans do! No biggie. So far I agree. Between him and the two guys that helped me fix my bike roadside I have nothing but good experiences with Guatemalan people. I make sure he gets a free dinner out of the deal but I was already going to pay before the coffee gesture. Don't tell him that.

Another great guy is the Owner of this Hotel. If you need to stay in Guat City this place is clean, nice and has secure parking. He is not far from the BMW shop and loves bikes. He has 2 BMW's himself. It is 50 bucks a night which is cheap by Guat City Zone 10 standards.

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Friend in a cab to the Airport. I do a little packing and hit the road before 8:30. Heading for Copan ruins.

Ok time for some reflecting and feelings:

So as I get to the open road after some traffic jams I start to think about the past 2 weeks and have fast they have gone by. It wasn't long ago that I was in Mexico hauling ass for the border. I think about friends and family and how their lives continue on and how mine changed so drastically. Even though it is only for a brief period; this is now my normal. New towns, new people (that I struggle to communicate with) and miles upon miles of roads with my thoughts and music. It doesn't always sound glorious and there are times that it surely is not. That is to come because today was one of the non-glorious.

Now after that reality check I love what I am doing! I do miss people and felt that a lot today. I think it all set in because up until today I had deadlines and people around me. I rode with Julio for 2 days and then knew I would probably cross paths with Michael and then had a week long vacation from my vacation with my friend from AK That has to be some new level of relaxation and state of mind. Also meeting Julio and hanging out with him for the day. For the past 2 weeks a solo trip through Central and Part of South America wasn't that solo...until today! I almost felt this was starting my trip again. Some of the same excitement and anxiety were present as when I have started other trips. For a guy that has become pretty damn good at solo travel and really enjoy it, I haven't done much of it yet this trip.

No more schedule just me and 4 more Central American countries. Hmmmm and lots of time to think. Think about how I didn't feel like I was headed in the right direction, literally. Hope I am not GPS effed again, yep I am. I try to adjust and correct to encounter a road closure due to blasting, second one this trip already. You know what guess I am not meant to see ruins this trip. Lost severely on the way to Copan and wrecked on the way to Tikal. Heck with it I am going to the beach! Monterrico here I come. The beauty of what I am doing. If something isn't working stop doing and adapt. The beach is not a terrible plan B.

I thought I took a couple of pics of the ride but they are MIA or I did not actually take them. I was happy with my choice to go to the beach but also frustrated with another GPS mis-hap and not getting to Honduras today. Then as I got to the coast and what I thought was Monterrico. Nope I am at Monterrico II which is a river town and not much there.

My nice short riding day is now a full day and still a couple hours from being over. I am exhausted, dehydrated and grumpy. Off to Monterrico via Puerto of San Jose. I get done riding at 4 something and could fall over. Got to bed late the night before and didn't sleep well knowing my friend needed to be up early for the taxi to the airport. Found a place for the night and threw on board shorts. A jump in the ocean always put things back in perspective. And it surely did. This was my view shortly after my swim.

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And my hotel. Q100 about 16 bucks. Pretty basic but it didnt matter at that point and bfast was included. The family that ran it were very nice.

Some may read what I have written and think here is this guy living a dream and he is complaining. There are no complaints. I have wanted a trip like this for a long time and I appreciate every minute of it. I only wrote this to show that there are good and bad days on the road. Anyone that says everyday of a long road trip is all roses is either one of a kind individual or on the good meds(legal or illegal)...please let the rest of know what it is! I had a tough day personally and navigationally. Brutally long and taxing. That is all part of the journey, highs and lows. I will do my best to include them all in my report.

After a swim and apprecation of the scenery I just chuckle and say if this is as bad as it gets then that is pretty awesome. Some rest and a new plan for tomorrow (sans GPS day) and it is all good.
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