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Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I appreciate the links, especially to CCS. It seems they run a lot at Blackhawk Farms, which is my favorite local track.

I would like to think that I am fully aware of how much racing is going to cost; I'm figuring at least $10k per season, and I won't be around for some of it. I spend about that much on trackdays anyway; I do at least 12-15 per year, and usually with Michelin Power One Street tires which last me about four days.

Looking over the rules, it seems I'll have to get a dedicated race bike. My SV650 has a GSX-R front end, which I think would disqualify it from the supersport classes. I'm not sure if there's much in the way of Ninja 250 racing in the midwest, the little bikes don't seem to be as popular in this area as they are where you actually have twisty roads. I'm quite sure that if I do get into racing, it's going to be in 650 Twins; I have no interest in moving up to 600cc 4-cyls or literbikes.

My goals vary depending on what time frame I'm talking about, but for now, I just want to develop my skills and have some fun. I'm not fast or predictable enough to get in a pack, it's going to take another couple seasons of trackdays I think before I get up there. I have no illusions that I'll ever be competitive with some guy who's been riding dirt since he was 5 years old. I'm quite sure I'll never race in anything that actually has cumulative points or standings, I'm more looking for . . . well basically, I want a trackday, but racing. Everyone shows up in the morning, we ride around all day, have some greasy BBQ and then all go home. What I'm quite worried about is getting into situations where it's just an arms race, where you have to spend $30,000 on the bike just to stay in mid pack. I like the $3-$4k machines that I see for sale frequently on SVRider and the like, that's the sort of thing I want to stick to! Stock engine, moderatly upgraded suspension, some basic race plastics and spend the rest on tires.

In the future, if it seems I have a knack for it, then maybe I'll think about moving up to something more aggressively competitive, but right now that's not in the field of view. Ten or twenty years in the future, if I have developed the skill . . . I would like to run in the TT. But I try not to think about that too much :) (OK that's a lie, I think about it all the time. I watch laps from onboard cams when I'm running on the treadmill, trying to learn the track)
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