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Originally Posted by Two Wheeled 'Tard View Post
Hey guys.

I've been doing track days for a few years now, and loving the shit out of it. I've done about 30, and am running what's probably a mid-slow "I" pace, on a modified SV650. I want to keep doing track days and I figure once I'm running a solid "A" level pace, then I could look into some amateur racing?

How would I get into basic entry-level track racing? Are there amateur leagues that aren't crazy-hyper competitive and financial arms races, where someone can get used to riding in a pack and honing skills before moving to something more aggressive? I'm 28 and have only been riding since I was 24, I didn't grow up riding dirt bikes or anything. I'm quite sure that I don't have the skills to ever seriously compete at the semi-professional level, but I'd like to just go out and have competitive fun.

I'm in the Chicago area, if that makes a difference.
You're way ahead of where I was when I decided to go racing. I had a ratty RZ350 and about 4 years of street and a little dirt experience. I went to Daytona for bike week in 1993 and decided on the way home that I was going to race my motorcycle. I threw a whole bunch of money at the motor, bought some leathers, put on some old used tires and called it good. I went to race school on a Friday and was racing Saturday. I did pretty well pretty quickly and started to think I might be pretty good at it. Then I rode with a basically stock motor and found out that I was just good at turning the throttle and passing people on corner exits and straights.

Lots of good advice already. If you've been doing track days for a while, you have all of the gear that you need to get started. Whatever your current speed, it's fast enough. Whatever bike you have, it's fast enough. Just go and have fun - there will always be someone on the track to race with, no matter what position you might be in. Racing for not last can be as much fun as racing for the lead.
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