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Last time I called 911 here in teh states it took 21/2 hrs. to get respose! I've spent 5 of the last 8 years traveling and living in Central America and feel as safe in all those countries as I do in the USA.


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My personal opinion is to each his own. Yes, it could be a adventure of a lifetime or it could end your lifetime. I have read where vacationers in Mexico have been killed because they drove a nice Yucon SUV in the outback and happened upon a drug hood with a gun that wanted it more than the owner did. But that same situation could be found in Detroit, Liberty city or Tampa Florida where I reside. And yes timing is everything. When the sun goes down evil lurks everywhere. My sister just returned from a cruise that landed in Cancun with her husband and 4 yr old son and had a blast but was told by ship personel numerous times to stay in the city and dont go anywhere without the group. She said security was thick and she never felt unsafe.
What would worry me in Mexico would be the availibility of medical care or responce time of law enforcement there. We are spoiled with our 911 system that gets immediate responce when used. There are many places state side that mimic the beautiful surroundings of Mexico without the fear of harm for no reason. Why do you think half of Mexico's people travel to the US? For safety, security and free medical care as well as a host of other freebies. I will keep exploring the treasure we have north of the border for now and maybe one day venture south to explore once they get a handle on the drug lord issue.
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