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The Ruins

So my hotel is on the opposite end of town from the ruins but I decide to wog(walk/jog) over to them about 8am. I need some exercise and packed running sneaks so i am going to use them! Still pretty overcast and rain threatening.

Copan Square on the way

Some guys doing cobble stone by hand!

Map of the ruins. Way bigger and more to see than I expected. i spent about 2 hours checking it all out plus the walk to and form my place.

I don't even know what this is. Really the first wildlife I have seen in CA.

This squerriel was driving this Macaw nuts!! Get it?

They are working on bringing back the Macaw population. Pretty cool.

I have a ton of pics of the ruins. I am sure you can google them it and get the same affect, so I will try to keep it under 10.

Side note: I hate raking!! These guys were mowing this with a riding mower then hand raking it. It was about 4 football fields. Just made me think of raking as a kid and how much I disliked it.

Damn it, does that count as one of the ten?


what it looked like back in the day

I dont know how pics that was but I know there are a lot more on smugmug.

This place is big and very impressive. I enjoyed my walk around. I snuck into the tunnels and got caught. It was 15 US to get a tour. I saw what I needed to and snapped a pic before they got me.

Now for the birds.

Ruins and bird

Tough to get this pic but I got it

as I was walking home the ruins it started to pour. Another night in Copan is fine with me. A late start to the day on rainy roads is not what I am looking for.

The owner of the hotel has been here since 95 and commented how rare rain is in the middle of the day. Oh well caught up on some stuff and finally got the bike washed.
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