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Grease the Steering head bearing with a moly based grease (high temp disk brake grease), use a lot.

Pull and grease the chain adjuster bolts the first time you change a tire, use a lot.

Grease the axles (lightly) when you change a tire.

Locktite (blue 243) the bolts holding the chain buffer on the swingarm. Check the 6 clutch spring bolts.

Replace the water pump seal and anti-freeze every 2 years or 20k miles. Put a little synthetic grease on it.

Flush the brakes every 2 years.

Get the forks and shock serviced in the first two years or less than 20k miles. Be sure they put pull the shock's rebound screw (lower one) and grease it good.

Check the chain, every link, when ever you change a rear tire. If you see any play in one link more than the rest, replace it. This way you won't need a rear sprocket, maybe ever. It is usually shot at 15k miles if you don't treat it right, 30k if you do.

Most every thing else will slide for the first 40-50k miles. Then I'd pull it all down, swingarm, new wheel bearings, clean switches, etc.

Follow the service schedule and you'll not have any problems.
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