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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
You can race an SV for a season on two sets of tires. You can use pump gas. Racing doesn't get expensive until you start going fast. That will take about 3 seasons and probably more. Buy a well equipped SV race bike of the round tube vintage, and you'll be good for a long time.

Forget the big bikes. Even a slug expert goes through 2 sets of tires in a weekend. That's almost $900 in tires alone if you race Dunlop Euro spec.

Per Weekend Estimate
Figure 8 rounds with 4 races each - $260 in entry fees (per race weekend)
Gas - 10 gallons + $50
Consumables over a season - $125/weekend
2 sets of tires over 8 rounds - $75/weekend
Lodging - $85
Water - $10
Junk food - $20
Beer - $12
Annual motor rebuild $2000/8 race weekends = $250/weekend

$887 per race weekend for an SV in your amateur seasons. Not bad. But once you get fast your tire bill changes everything because the cost per weekend goes parabolic.
I just finished racing a season on a sv. No need for an annual motor rebuild. Just go out and ride.
The west coast has tons of built sv650's, but they are ticking time bombs till they explode. So keep it stock.Mine is stock and has around 30k miles. About 10k are track miles.

Another huge cost is getting to the track. Gas and a trailer or truck.

I was on a super budget and stayed in a tent at the track.

Since you already have a gsxr front, if you race wera. (seems like ccs is big out there, but not sure of their clases), you would need to race Superbike LWT, Formula 2 (racing against 125cc 2 strokes), and some people run up a class in HWT Superbike.

Also not sure what size rear tire you have, but look to getting a rear rim that can hold a 180 rear tire. So much better selection that what I was stuck with for 160/165 rear tire.
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