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Um, what to say?
I have received the bearings & will post up what they cost me etc. The SKF dude here went out of his way to find the input bearing with a brass cage as the new ones are polytholymideafghanistan.
I dropped off the box to my engineering co to cut the circlip in & press the bearings in. Nutso is lending me his shimming plate & i'll gte them to measure etc.

The other box I'm using from Berlina is actually OK. It has a few extra neutrals which come in handy if you just want to cruise to the side of the road for a durrie.
I took Schmidt offroad the other nite on the Nads xmas BBQ ride & although it handled it alright I don't feel comfortable doing too much of that stuff on it - too many bangs on the bashplate & footpegs. I nearly went off a bank as I tried to match the pace with the lite bikes & he didn't like slowing down too much. bit of a puckering moment. We went thru some very tight slippery gravel roads & I had to nana it round. i need to grow a bit of bottle to give it a bit more throttle to get it round - or just take it easy & not drop it.

So i've been thinking about berlinas parts hanging around. I was looking at Snotsos forks & as I'm not riding him much at the mo I was thinking about releiving him of them for a while & fitting them to berlina & making a mongrel ISDT bike. Someone I know has a whole YZ front end sitting in their emporium um i mean garage that may be a worthy transplant.

Then of course I see Winston & ........ racing & I start thinking...
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