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Spotties and Fuel Bottles

Originally Posted by davo_0104 View Post
G'day Ty,

Looking forward to the RR!

Just wondering what sort of spotties you're using and how have you mounted them?

Also, what brand and size stainless bottles are you using? They look like a perfect fit for the Expedition panniers.

G'day Davo,

The spotties are the Halogen Touratech ones off their website, they were all that I could find at the time. Since then, there have been lot better LED types released by other manufacturers. They did come complete with all the mounting equipment, brackets, wiring loom etc and somewhat hazy directions (photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy)

I will admit to fitting the lights in their protected position as per the directions but got an Auto Sparkie to do the wiring as each spottie came with it's own complete wiring harness and I didn't trust my own abilities to prevent an "under the seat fire!"

It was that situation when you buy something, a month later it gets superseded with a far cheaper and superior product... If I had my time again, go the LED products available.

The bottles are a fuel rated "Pimus" brand. I got them off EBay in America and do the job well. These 1.5 litre bottles fit perfectly in the Andystraps Panniers.

Sorry I don't have Links for them as I'm not totally computer savy! But a search should produce them easy enough, if I can find them anyone can!

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