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Originally Posted by regie308 View Post
main advantage...... ease of set-up, as hoon said.. you undo 2 clips, roll it out and your bed is ready.... as your sleeping bag and pillow are already in there rolled with the swag (a 30 second job) and same packing it up.

The disadvantage is yes they take up a bit more space but (i assume hoon) this one is the special "bike swag" therefore lighter in weight than a standard swag.

Yeah you got it regie308. The set up is a easy roll out or roll up and your done. Inside the my Swag is a Blackwolf self inflating mattress & pillow and sleeping bag.

I was surprised on how comprehensive the swag was once set up! I didn't get to see it "in the flesh" before I bought it over the internet. You could do with a lot less features but I guess it comes down to personal preferences, how long you travel for, how often you camp, where you camp etc.

I've found every day is different with it's demands and I'm learning all the time.

I haven't forgot the photos promised. You'll see what I mean by a comprehensive swag. This is a "bike swag" too. I'll post ASAP.

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