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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post

Does anyone have more info on this? Did RG really cheat? I would hope not and think maybe it was a political thing rather than anything else?
My understanding of it was that because he had the tire deflater thingy plumbed in after the restrictor, it had the potential to get extra air into the intake system and negating some of the restricting effects of the restrictor plate.

Someone on here pointed out that if he did indeed use it like that, then it would be ducting unfiltered air into the system, and as everyone knows, would soon result in a substantial loss in power.

Someone else also pointed out that RG comes from a Nascar background where allegedly getting around rules like restrictors etc and finding new ways to interpret the rules is just part of the racing (at least I think thats what they said, I don't know much about car racing).

From memory, after it was discovered (allegedly his car was inspected because it was going to fast, or faster than they expected it to go), he blocked of the system and it had no effect on top speed (I think he won the next stage, once again I could be wrong).

So it was a modification that had been passed, but had the potential to bypass a restriction, but may not have been all that beneficial (because of lack of filtration), and had no effect on performance when rendered inoperable (if it was used for performance gain)...

At the end of the race his result had no effect on the leader board, so no competitors had anything to gain out of his DQ (except be bumped up one place well after the fact).

Thats the way I remember it anyway.

I'm no RG fan, but I don't personally believe he was cheating at all, and I was genuinely surprised when he was DQed and do believe it was a bit wrong.

He is fast and I like the sound of his car, it's when he is out of his car and in front of a camera that I am not a fan.

A KDX is way cooler than what ever you ride...
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