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Originally Posted by Moronic View Post
Difficult question for anybody but you to answer.

Money not a factor? No-one has ridden the 13, but the theoretical advantages have been canvassed thoroughly on this thread. A quick (and not exhaustive) summary:

- More power and torque.

- Engine design suggests smoother running.

- Wet multiplate clutch that should be more useful in slow going and will be much easier to replace.

- Electronic cruise control.

- Longer swingarm by 50mm.

- Redesigned final drive, with no spline to lube immediately behind hard-to-reach clutch.

- More sophisticated ABS and traction control.

- More room behind the cylinders for lower limbs/footing.

- LED running lamp and low beam (and optional high beam)

- Grippier tyre sizes for street carving.

- Revised weight distribution for same.

- Narrower waist around seat-tank junction.

- Better instrument panel.

For the 12:

- no water cooling circuit to worry about.

- no 'all-new' issues to worry about.

- $thousands less.

- Ready now.

Your call.
Very good list, I big factor is a Yamaha S10 is 13K, and I plan on $3500 in mods out of the box so it will be 16.5 and the value will drop pretty fast. 2012 BMW is 17K and the question is can I live with it mostly stock and add about 1K in mods? A 2013 set up the same will be 19.5K estimated and the aftermarket will not have a pile of items so could I might have to live with 1K in Mods. Reviewing used bike selling prices the BMW does not drop as fast as the S10 so in 5 years the diff in total cost may be very small. I was going with a 1200 gs in 2009 and picked up a 2 year old KTM 990 Adventure and it is a great bike, just find it is great off road and good on the road and my needs are great on the road and ok off road.
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