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I got my pre-op physical done yesterday and the screws should be coming out next Thursday (20 Dec)! I have been walking on it quite a bit and it has gotten a bit sore and angry so today I decided I would use my cart again for the longer areas I have to traverse....I am oh so close that I don't want to give anyone a reason to push the surgery off.
Take it easy, but don't be too worried about accidentally hurting yourself more. I had a Lisfranc 'fracture' a few months before and a few days after I got out of the chair and onto crutches, I fell down the stairs. The crutches were like a pole vault, so I couldn't even roll down the stairs, they launched me. Must have fallen 5-6 feet. I landed right on my feet (both were broken in half a dozen places.) It hurt, but when the doc checked it again a week later, he said I was recovering faster than he expected(!). I was afraid it would have knocked out/loose the pins, but apparently not so.
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